Amazon launches Shamim Al Amin’s book ‘The Deep Night Sky’

30 Jan 2019, 12:18 | updated: 30 Jan 2019, 12:19

World famous online shopping platform has launched noted television journalist Shamim Al Amin’s new story book ‘The Deep Night Sky’. Amazon has Published the book in association with the ‘Unobangal’ publication, which is a New York based art and cultural institution. 

The book contains 11 short stories and is translated by Siddiq Mahmudur Rahman and Nusrat Sultana. The book’s cover illustration is done by Meghna Kazi and it is priced at 12 USD.

All the 11 stories in the book talk about our society and its realities. Shamim Al Amin also took help from his imagination and in some parts of the stories; he used his imagination to portray an altogether unique experience for the readers in a clear and simple term.

Shamim Al Amin is a famous broadcast journalist who is especially known for anchoring popular talk show of Ekattor Tv ‘Ekattor Journal’.

He is also a well known writer and has numerous novels, short stories, travelogue, journalism related books, et al to his credit. On the upcoming Ekushey Book Fair, three of his books will be unveiled. Shomoy Prokashoni will publish his book ‘Green Card, Trump Card’ which is based on the contemporary political scenario of America. Anindo Prokashoni will publish his novel ‘Ar Amader Dekha Hobe Na’ and Children’s book ‘Mohakashe Bangabandhu Satellite 1’.