Baishakh in the Land of Tiger

08 Apr 2017, 11:27

NTV Online

The solo exhibition titled ‘Baishakh in the Land of Tiger (Bagh-er Deshe Baishakh)’ by patua Nazir Hossain has begun at Galerie Zoom in Alliance Française de Dhaka.

The inauguration of the exhibition was  held on 7 April at 5:30pm. Minister of Primary and Mass Education Mostafizur Rahman Fizar was present at the venue as the chief guest.

Nazir Hossain’s artworks accentuate many different forms of the Royal Bengal Tiger in pattachitras that encapsulate many different folk elements of Bangla mythology. The Royal Bengal Tiger is not only a quadruped feline in the sense that it symbolizes the indomitable spirit of Bangladesh. And Hossain tells that more gracefully through his art, through his pattachitras, with an amalgamated panoply of folk motifs, indigenous symbols and fables. The fables in Hossain’s artworks tell stories with vivid colours and aphorisms that are familiar and a cinch to figure out. Humorous situations in a bucolic setting like tiger playing ektara or tiger pulling a cart are sure to put a smile on the spectator’s face. Hossain’s unique yet relatable style has brought out a collection of artworks that are just beautifully well timed for the upcoming Bangla New Year.

The exhibition will be open to all till 18 April at Galerie Zoom from Monday to Thursday (3:00pm to 9:00pm, Friday and Saturday (9:00 am to12:00 noon and 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm), except for Sundays.