Mangrove Portal: Avi Shankar’s painting exhibition

08 Jul 2017, 12:26

NTV Online

Artist Avi Shankar Ain’s second solo painting exhibition ‘Mangrove Portal’ has begun at La Galerie of the Alliance Française de Dhaka.

The inaugural ceremony of the exhibition was held at 5:30pm on 7 July 2017.

Australian High Commissioner to Bangladesh Julia Niblett, writers Anisul Hoque and Nazia Andaleeb Preema and Dhaka Bank Limited CEO and Managing Director Syed Mahbubur Rahman attended the inaugural ceremony of the exhibition.

Enraptured by the different landscapes of Bangladesh, artist Avi Shankar Ain travelled and researched nature’s beguiling beauty to find inspiration for his canvas.

He stopped at the south-western end of Bangladesh and found Sundarbans with a panoply of spotted deer. That was beauty like no other!

Even when on one side natural calamities are gnawing at the forestry and on another side man-made machinations of harm are eating away years and years of biodiversity, Sundarbans and the spotted deer had ignited something in Ain.

His canvasses found the spotted deer browsing in the midst of the mangroves’ tangled roots and thickets above ground, boasting their branched antlers.

Ain employed acrylic media to elucidate his artistic passion for the beautiful forest and viewers are sure to be presented with a unique take on Sundarbans.

He did his first solo exhibition in 2012 at La Galerie.

 The exhibition will be open to all until July 19 from Mondays to Thursdays (3:00pm to 9:00pm), Fridays and Saturdays (9:00am to12:00 noon and 5:00pm to 8:00pm), except for Sundays.