Next election as per constitution: Nasim

16 Jul 2017, 21:15

Online Desk

Dhaka: Apparently reminding BNP about the next national election, Health minister Mohammed Nasim on Sunday said the parliamentary polls will be held under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina but not under any 'unelected supportive government'.

"We can strengthen the Election Commission further, if necessary. Why shouldn't the election be held under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as per the constitution?" he posed a question while addressing a health-related event in the city.

Citing the examples of US elections held under former President Barack Obama and Indian elections under Manmohan Singh, the minister said the election will be held under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

He said there is no way to overlook the constitution which outlines how the election will be held.

The Awami League leader said the Election Commission will conduct the national election. "No caretaker government will be allowed there. The election will surely be held under Sheikh Hasina as per the constitution."

Nasim said a strong leadership is a must for the development of any country.

Giving the example of Korea, Malaysia and Singapore, the minister said they have got developed as they got strong leadership in their respective countries.

He urged people to keep faith in the leadership of Sheikh Hasina for the country's further development and give this government more time to develop more as she lives up to her promises.

On militancy, the minister said Bangladesh has been successful in dealing with militancy and militants addressing the problem within a very short time which is rare in other countries.