Over 100 families in Faridpur town marooned for a month

04 Aug 2017, 17:17

Online Desk
Photo: UNB

Faridpur: Over 100 families have been marooned for a month at Ambikapur Railway colony in the municipality area as recurrent rains created waterlogging there, accelerating the plight of the colony dwellers.

Locals said rainwater entered their homes and that is why the family members took shelter on beds. They could not go out for cooking or work as well due to waterlogging. And even the school-going children are not able to attend their schools, which affects their academic life.

During a recent visit to Ambikapur Rail colony, this correspondent found that there are hundreds of families living in low-lying area of the colony.

As rainwater inundated the stoves of most of these households, they are bringing or buying food from outside of the colony.

Firoz Khan, an inhabitant of the colony, said the colony gets waterlogged during rainy season in last few years, which brings untold sufferings to them for few months every year.

"I sent my children to the house of my father-in-law due to the terrible condition of the area. We are living here at risk," said Jahangir Alam, another resident marooned in the area.

Local ward councilor Khandaker Shamsul Arefin said they are trying to address the water problem locally, but there is no space to drain out rainwater.

While visiting the affected area on Friday, representative of local deputy commissioner's office Md Pervez Mollik said as per instruction of the DC, he is visiting the area and the process of providing assistance to the affected people will start within a day or two.

"Besides, after discussion with local municipality, an initiative will be taken to deal with waterlogging problem in the colony," he added.