BNP slams Muhith’s remarks against wage board

09 Aug 2017, 22:58

Online Desk

Dhaka: Hitting out at the Finance Minister for his 'adverse' remarks on journalists' wage board, BNP on Wednesday said AMA Muhith is 'least bothered' about ethics.

"We've seen how he made unkind comments on journalists' wage board. He made bad and rubbish remarks on people's hunger and bread and butter," said BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi.

He came up with the comment while speaking at a press conference at BNP's Nayapaltan central office.

Talking to reporters on Tuesday after his meeting with the representatives of Newspaper Owners' Association of Bangladesh (NOAB) at his secretariat office, Muhith said, "We've a feeling that the wage board for journalists is unnecessary, totally unnecessary! Because your salary scales are better than government salary scales."

"See, there're over 500 newspapers...all these are bogus. Shall I fix salary scales for them? No, not at all... I'll fix the salary scales for the 15-20 newspapers where people work. And give me the salary scales of these newspapers," Muhith also said venting his anger.

Opposing Muhith's remarks, Rizvi said a minister cannot speak in such language. "The minister also can't say the media outlets should be shutdown, if necessary."

The BNP leader said the Finance Minister's comments have also exposed the entire government's 'monstrous' attitude.

He also alleged that the ministers and ruling party leaders often make such unguarded comments as they do not believe in democracy and people's rights.

Rizvi also criticised the Faineance Minister for his 'derogatory' comment over the Supreme Court verdict which revoked the 16th constitutional amendment.

Talking to the media after a programme at Sylhet Medical College on Friday, Muhith voiced resentment over the cancellation of the 16th constitutional amendment by the apex court. "We'll pass this again in parliament. We'll pass this constitutional amendment again, and keep on doing it. Let's see how far the judiciary can go," he said.

Rizvi said the government has got angry with the judiciary as the Supreme Court's verdict has exposed its true colour.