Legal notice served on Khairul over 16th amendment remarks

13 Aug 2017, 20:07 | updated: 13 Aug 2017, 20:10

Online Desk

Dhaka: A lawyer of the Supreme Court on Sunday sent a legal notice to ABM Khairul Haque, chairman of the Bangladesh Law Commission, asking him to withdraw his comments over scrapping the 16th amendment to the constitution.

Supreme Court lawyer BM Sultan Mahmud in the legal notice said, "Withdraw your comment within 24 hours and offer apology, otherwise legal action will be taken against you."

"As the Law Commission Chairman, you're a public servant, so you don't have any right to comment on any judgment passed by the Supreme Court," the legal notice said.

The notice further said, "You have undermined the apex court of Bangladesh as well as aspirations of people of Bangladesh."

"The comment made by you was derogatory. You talked like a political leader holding the chair of Law Commission," Sultan Mahmud said in the notice.

On August 9, Khairul Haque, also a former chief justice, in a press briefing termed Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha as 'headmaster' and other judges 'his students' who are bound to listen to CJ.

On August 1, the SC released the full verdict scrapping the 16th amendment of the constitution in which it made observations on different issues including democracy, politics, martial law, the Election Commission, good governance, corruption and independence of the judiciary.