16th Amendment verdict helped BNP to rise from hole: Tofail

13 Aug 2017, 22:32

Online Desk

Dhaka: The Supreme Court full verdict and observation of the 16th amendment that scrapped 16th amendment to the constitution helped BNP to rise from a hole, said Commerce MinisterTofail Ahmed on Sunday.

"We did not say anything on July 3, when Supreme Court passed the verdict but after the full verdict BNP rose from the hole and said that Awami League government should resign in shame. Then we started talking about the verdict," he said.

In a discussion programme at the VIP lounge in National Press Club marking the upcoming National Mourning Day, the minister said the purpose of this verdict is to humiliate Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

"We did not talk about the Judicial Council of the verdict of Supreme Court. Ayub Khan (Former President of Pakistan) formed it, Ziaur Rahman followed it and you people (SC) liked it. But in the observation you said that parliament is immature. Now we can also say that whoever talks like this, are not also mature enough," he said.

Actually the whole country is divided into two parts and in the case of political parties one is Awami League and on the other side - the rest of the parties, he added.

On July 3 last, the Supreme Court (SC) passed the verdict upholding the High Court judgment that declared the 16th amendment to the Constitution illegal.

Later on July 9 members of both the treasury and opposition benches on Sunday harshly criticised the Supreme Court (SC) verdict.
They also came down heavily on amici curiae, including Dr Kamal Hossain and Barrister M Amir-ul Islam, appointed by the apex court, for placing 'untrue statements' before the court over the issue.