Need national unity to face Rohingya crisis: Fakhrul

10 Sep 2017, 22:49 | updated: 10 Sep 2017, 22:51

NTV Online

Dhaka: BNP on Sunday called for forging a national unity to face Rohingya crisis as huge number of refugees are taking shelter in the country from Myanmar in the face of persecution by its security forces.

‘Rohingya crisis has become a national problem for us. So we want the unity of people of entire Bangladesh to face it. Let’s get united to resolve Rohingya problem,’ said BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.

Speaking at a discussion, he further said, ‘It’s very difficult for us to accommodate lakhs of refugees. It’s also inhuman attitude to drive them out. We want the government to give them shelter, food and clothes. At the same time, they must put pressure through international diplomacy on Myanmar to take back its citizens ensuring their civic rights.’

Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal arranged the programme at the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh, marking BNP senior vice chairman Tarique Rahman’s 10th jail release day.

Fakhrul said the government has been playing a silent role though Rohingyas started entering Bangladesh since August 25 following a fresh violence in Myanmar. ‘Now you’ve regained your sense as the entire world started reacting to it.’

Referring to Prime Minister’s Tuesday’s scheduled visit to Rohingyas, he said Sheikh Hasina has taken such a decision after buying huge amounts of time for which the country is suffering now. ‘Our leader (Khaleda) in a statement from London on August 25 urged you to make diplomatic efforts to repatriate Rohingyas. But you did nothing at that time.’

He also slammed the ruling party leaders for sensing conspiracy in BNP’s call for giving shelter to Rohingyas fleeing from Myanmar. ‘Awami League has been suffering from conspiracy phobia. That’s way they find conspiracy in everything.’

Mentioning that four people, including Kalyan Party secretary general, became victims of enforced disappearance over the last few days, the BNP leader said the current government wants to perpetuate its power by resorting to repressive acts and filing false cases against its opponents.

He called upon Chhatra Dal leaders and activists to move forward braving killings, enforced disappearances and false cases to restore democracy and people’s rights.

Fakhrul also warned that the country’s people will not allow Awami League anymore to hold a lopsided election like the January-5 2014 one. ‘The next polls must be held under an election-time supportive government.’