‘Rohingyas not allowed to have education in Mynamar’

12 Sep 2017, 16:52 | updated: 16 Sep 2017, 23:04

Ahmed Al-Amin
From Cox's Bazar

Cox’s Bazar: Parveen Fatema was a Class X student in a Myanmar school. She lived in a village called Tongbazar. She along with her family and relatives took shelter in a hill forest to escape the ongoing violence on Rohingyas by Myanmar Army, police and local people. Fatema and her people walked for four days, swam canals and rivers. Finally, they arrived in Ukhiya, Bangladesh on Monday.

Fatema speaks local dialect of Rohingyas, which has similarity with the dialect of Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar. She can speak in English, not fluent of course. Given the present context, she knows her future in uncertain. She, however, dreams to study more. She spoke about the present situation, education policy for the Rohingya people, and their right to education and a lot more.  

NTV Online spoke with her at Anjumanpara in Palongkhali Union of Ukhiya Upazila of Cox’s Bazar. Below is the text of the conversation:

NTV Online: Are you a student Fatema?

Fatema: Yes, I’m in Class XI at Tongbazar High School (in Myanmar) in the science department.

NTV Online: So, why have you left?

Fatema: Our school is closed now. All schools in Rohingya area are closed now. We had classes before Eid, then began the violence and torture. Army came, and asked us to leave our houses.

NTV Online: What happened to the teachers?

Fatema: Most of them were killed as they were Rohingya. Many fled the area.

NTV Online: Besides Rohingya, were there other students at your school?

Fatema: Yes. Mog (Buddhist) boy and girls also studied with us. But, their parents took them away from teh school.

NTV Online: You studied till Class XI. What will happen to your study now?

Fatema: Our houses were burnt into ashes. People were killed by slitting throats. Girls are violated. How can we live there? We have to save our lives first, right?

NTV Online: We could continue your study if there was no violence, right?

Fatema: No, we couldn’t. We can’t get education there (Myanmar) even if we want to. Rohingyas cannot study beyond Class XI, they are not allowed to study further. No entry to the colleges for Rohingya.

NTV Online: So, no Rohingya get higher education?

Fatema: How can they? They are not allowed to have higher education. Hiding his or her identity if anyone does so, that’s different; I appreciate.

NTV Online: What’s your future plan?

Fatema: I saved myself. Want to study further. As I’m in Bangladesh now, don’t want to go back. No peace will be there. I’ll study here, if I get chance.