Teenager girl in Bangladesh hanged herself in Blue Whale suicide bid

09 Oct 2017, 09:49 | updated: 09 Oct 2017, 09:57

NTV Online

Dhaka: Apurba Bardhan Shawrna, a student of class VIII in capital’s Holy Cross School, reportedly committed suicide by hanging herself from a fan at his room after taking part in the deadly Blue Whale online game.

Body of Shawrna was found hanging from the ceiling fan at her residence in Dhanmondi’s Central Road at about 6:30am on 5 October. Her family claimed their daughter committed suicide from addition to Blue Whale game.

The lethal Blue Whale game, also known as Blue Whale Challenge, involves fifty tasks in as many days and aimed at creating psychologically traumatizing situations, which ends with suicide. The victim also has to leave a suicide note behind, and draw a sign on the suicide letter.

Shawrna’s father, Shubrata Bardhan,  said she left a suicide note on her study table.

The note says, ‘NO ONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MY DEATH.’ Shawrna also drew a smiley sign on her letter, which is one of the challenges of the Blue Whale game.

Shubrata said, my daughter used her mobile phone whole night. She hid her phone if we wanted to see what she is doing on that.

He said we had come to know about the Blue Whale Challenge on the same day when our daughter committed suicide. He claimed his daughter committed suicide for following the game’s instruction.

‘Our daughter never discussed about the Blue Whale game with us. But, the day she left us, one of visitors at our house said I guese, Shawrna was addicted to Blue Whale game. Shawrna got everything she wanted. I never noticed any changes in her behavior. However, for some days, I found her mobile phone addicted. She always used her in secret and wanted to go on the roof top,’ added the father.

Shubrata said Shawrna never locked the door of her room. On 5 October, her mother woke up at about 6:00am and found Shawrna’s door locked from inside. Later, we unlocked the door with a key and found her hanging from the fan with a nylon scarf.

Breaking down in tears, Swarna’s father said, ‘I brought that scarf from Singpore for my daughter.’

However, Shawrna is the first Blue Whale challenge case filed in Bangladesh. Earlier, Blue Whale has been linked to more than 100 deaths of young teenagers around the world since it originated in Russia in 2015, reports the Daily Mail.

Originated in Russia, the Blue Whale Challenge is a deadly game that has been claiming several lives ever since it gained popularity in various western countries in 2015.

Participants join a 'group' where the tasks are set by a group 'administrator' and can range from watching horror movies to waking at strange hours, and eventually progresses to self-harming.