Parents suffer heart attack after watching son get crushed

14 Nov 2017, 08:19

NTV Online

Kushtia: Father and mother suffered heart attacks after witnessing their beloved son getting crushed under the wheels of a tank-lorry at Mojompur area of the district town on Monday.

Police and local sources said Alfaz Uddin, an NGO worker, was coming to Kushtia from Meherpur district with his wife and son on a motorcycle for the son’s treatment.

When they reached Mojompur gate area, their motorcycle skidded in traffic causing all three of them to fall off. Although the mother and father fell safely, their son fell on the other side and got crushed under the wheels of a tank-lorry.

Locals rescued the parents and admitted them to a hospital of the town.

Titu Rahman, a witness, said the accident was caused by the poor condition of the road. There were no faults of the motorcyclist (Alfaz Uddin) or the lorry driver, he added.

Mehedi Hasan, inspector of Kushtia district traffic police, said Kushtia-Ishawardi, Kushtia-Jhenaidah highways have become unfit for road communication.

Tamim, the son, fell down and got crushed under the wheels of the lorry because of the bad condition of the road full of potholes, he added.

Lion Sarkar, sub-inspector of Kushtia Model Police station, nevertheless said police arrested the lorry driver and seized the vehicle.

The body was sent to the Kushtia general hospital’s morgue, he added.