How will you describe this motherhood?

23 Nov 2017, 12:45 | updated: 24 Nov 2017, 08:00

Masud Rayhan Palash

Dhaka: Motherhood is the very precious and honourable practice for a woman. But sometimes you will really be surprized when you will meet some exceptional mothers.

One Koly Begum, a pen name, about 35 years old, is such kind of a mother who has changed the meaning motherhood.

She has been living in Dhaka’s Kamalapur Railway Station area for a long time. She has sold a total of her seven children only for money.

Koly sold five of her children before giving birth to and the rest two after delivery.

After a long investigation by a NTV Online reporter, it has been revealed that this woman has married to several men in 15 years.

On a question, who buy these children? The ‘surrogate mother’ claimed that she had sold her all the seven children to the people who have no children with the help of broker for some money.

The reporter asked: How do you feel while selling your children?

Koly said, ‘Initially I felt very bad but to be honest, now I do not feel like that. It is now easy phenomenon for me. But I cannot forget my two children whom I had sold 3 days and 4 years after their birth.’

How much money you get for a child?

She said, ‘Not more than Tk 20,000. Some people give extra money during the pregnancy, that’s all.’

Are the buyers maintaining contact with you?

‘No, not at all. During the pregnancy period they come to my house. But after getting the children they get disconnected. And they do not give their phone number’

Not only one Koly Begum but also a plenty of underprivileged women are doing such kinds of child selling business in Bangladesh under the very nose of authorities especially in the slum areas.

But the reporter is yet to reach any brokers for security issue. If the government remain alert, these crime could not be spared at large.