PSTC protests violence against children

25 Apr 2018, 17:17 | updated: 25 Apr 2018, 21:59

NTV Online

Dhaka: Population Services and Training Center (PSTC) on Wednesday (25 April 2018) held a demonstration to protest violence against children.

Manusher Jonno Foundation organised the demonstration at the Central Shaheed Minar at 9:30 am. More than 32 organisations including PSTC expressed solidarity and participated in the protest, said a press release.

PSTC Executive Director Dr. Noor Mohammad said, ‘Children in our country had been and are being victims of various oppressions including murder, rape, trafficking, disappearance, etc.

These incidents have taken a serious turn in recent days which have become a matter of concern. Instead of waiting for the government to implement the law, we all should stand united against these issues.

The perpetrators will certainly get afraid if we raise our voices together in protest of violence against children and women.

The government will also become active in trying them under speedy laws. We want exemplary punishment of the perpetrators, so that not a single child becomes a victim of violence. This is our demand.’

Expressing solidarity, PSTC’s youth representative Mim also spoke at the rally. PSTC officials and staff members of various levels participated in the protest.

The rally ended amidst strong slogans and MJF Executive Director Shahin Anam’s statement on violence against children.