Tobacco causes deaths of 25.54pc men, 9.68pc women in Bangladesh

16 May 2018, 17:07

NTV Online

Of all the deaths in Bangladesh, 25.54 percent of adult men and 9.68 percent women die from the adverse impact of tobacco consumption each year, said State Minister for Health and Family Welfare Zahid Malek quoting the statistics of The Tobacco Atlas.

Talking to the reporters at the ministry Zahid Malek came up with the remarks on Wednesday and said ‘Each year at least 1,61,200 people dies of various tobacco related diseases including cancer, stroke, heart attacks.’

The number of deaths will continue to rise if an integrated tobacco control policy was not implemented in this condition, he said, reports the UNB.

The government has taken different measures to control the consumption of tobacco including imposing tax and formation of management policy for tobacco control.

He also inaugurated a Television spot ‘Bishdhoa’ on adverse impact of tobacco on human body which will be put on air by television channels for six weeks.