No VAT, tax on remittances: Shahriar Alam

Don’t pay heed to rumours, he says

13 Jun 2018, 15:21

NTV Online

Dhaka: State Minister for Foreign Affairs M Shahriar Alam on Wednesday urged the Bangladeshis living abroad not to pay heed to any rumour saying no VAT or tax is imposed on remittance.

‘There was no such discussion. Don’t pay heed to rumor,’ he said amid rumours that the government has proposed tax on remittance, reports the UNB.

Shahriar Alam said there is a planned effort to spread confusion among the expatriates over the issue.

‘This may be an act of those who send money illegally (without banking channel). With them, anti-government people are there, too,’ he said in a Facebook status.

The State Minister laid emphasis on disseminating correct information among the expatriates instead of creating confusion with the false news.

Earlier, a video went viral in which it was seen a Bangladeshi, who claimed to be from Malaysia, sharply criticized Finance Minister AMA Muhith for what he says imposing so-called tax and VAT on income of expatriates.