Be careful when declaring polls results: EC Rafiqul

18 Dec 2018, 15:24

NTV Online
Election Commissioner Rafiqul Islam. File photo

Dhaka: The Election Commission (EC) on Tuesday instructed its officials to maintain caution when publishing the results of the national polls.

‘This is to avoid embarrassments,’ Election Commissioner Rafiqul Islam said at a training programme on the Election Management System, the Candidate Information Management System (CIMS) and the Result Management System (RMS) software at the Election Training Institute, reports the UNB.

Those involved with CIMS and RMS have been instructed to ‘work attentively and provide accurate information.’

‘Any kind of false information can trigger conflicts. We risk of losing the people’s confidence in such cases,’ Rafiqul added.

The next national election is scheduled for December 30.

Rafiqul said the announcement of the election results would be one of the most important parts of the polls. ‘You have to carry out your duties properly,’ he told the programme’s participants.