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Either lead us or let us lead: Oli to BNP leaders

15 May 2019, 20:54

NTV Online
President of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Oli Ahmed. Photo: NTV

Dhaka: President of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Oli Ahmed on Wednesday said he is willing to take the responsibility for strengthening the 20-party alliance to free Khaleda Zia from jail and overcome the country’s political crisis.

‘There’s no scope to sit idle as we must move ahead. We’ve taken an initiative (to strengthen the 20-party). I would like to request the BNP leader that either you lead us or let us lead,’ he said.

Speaking at a discussion, Oli further said, ‘It’s not possible for Khaleda Zia to give us directives from jail while Tarique Rahman can’t play an active role in the field from London…I’m ready to take that responsibility at this critical time of the country.’

LDP, one of the components the BNP-led 20-party, arranged the discussion on Khaleda Zia’s release and a mid-term election at the Jatiya Press Club, reports the UNB.

Oli also urged the BNP leaders to take steps for waging a movement to free Khaleda Zia, restore democracy and people’s voting rights in the country by strengthening the 20-party alliance. ‘Either strength our hands or tells us to strengthen yours, and we’re ready to do that.’

The LDP chief said he is also ready to risk his life and fight against the current ‘autocratic’ regime. ‘I couldn’t sacrifice my life in the Liberation War, but I’m ready to lose my life in the hands of autocrat.’

He also said he has no reservation to accept the leadership of capable and acceptable BNP leaders to launch a movement.

Olio strongly opposed BNP’s decision of sending its MPs to parliament, saying the party has legitimised the current government through it.