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Best housing societies bring honor for Bangladesh: Chumki

16 Oct 2019, 16:13

NTV Online

“The best housing societies bring honor for the country,” president of the Parliamentary Standing Committee of the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs and also the Member of Parliament of Gazipur-4 Meher Afroz Chumki bestowed this as an opinion.

She said this recently while addressing as a Guest of Honor in celebration of the 40th Anniversary (Ruby Jubilee) of The Metropolitan Christian Co-operative Housing Society Ltd. This event occurred at the auditorium four (Navaratri) of International Convention Center, Bashundhara, said a press release.

The Chairman of the society Augustine Purification was the host of that show. Bishop Theotonias Gomes attend as a vicegerent of Curdinal Patric D’ Rozario, CSC, parliament member of Vatican City as the chief guest of this show. Meher Afroz Chumki was present their as the guest of honor. The special guests were Parliament Member Advocate Gloria Jhorna Sarkar, Registrar and Director General of the Department of Co-operation, Md. Aminul Islam, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Textiles and Jute, Md. Lutfar Rahman, Housing society secretary Emanuel Bappi Mandal, Bangladesh Christian Association Nirmal Rojario and many more politicians and honorable persons.

At the beginning the Chairperson of the MCCHS said, “We has started our journey 40 years ago with 27 members and we are really debt to them. This 1300 crore housing society is the fruit of their love and sacrifice. To mortgage owns house for the sake of company is a rare case of history. We are a proud members of this society. In this precious time of Rube Jubilee I am welcoming you and showing my gratitude towards them.”

As a guest of honor the Meher Afroz Chumki, MP said, “Life is short. If we could not do any deed for the sake of human and humanity then our life is valueless.” She addressed about the chairman of MCCHS, “Mr. Agustin Purification has won the country's Best Cooperative, Bangladesh-India Friendship Award and Nepal-Bangladesh International Award recently. For this, the name of Bangladesh was gloriously represented. This company brings respect for the country. As it is working for establishing smile in every face so it must continue to do it.

Bishop Theotonias Gomes said, “In cooperative system, housing society is playing a great roll. He requested the board to establish the homes for the low income peoples of our country.”

In the afternoon, Vidya Sinha Mim, Konok Chapa, Anima Mukti Gomez, Priyanka Rachel, Shipra Parish, Kishore Claudius, Abu Hena Roney of Mirakkal, and many other celebrities including Soul Band performed in the cultural program that started with the dance of Mou and her team in the morning. Around 7000 people joined in this program and the secretary of society Emanuel Bappi Mandal was the host of the event.