JSD got split because of Inu: Badal

13 Mar 2016, 22:37

Moinuddin Khan Badal. File photo: NTV

Dhaka: Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal (JSD) leader Moinuddin Khan Badal, also a lawmaker, on Sunday said their party suffered a fresh split due to the party’s ‘former’ president Hasanul Haq Inu’s ‘lack of finical transparency’.

Talking to reporters in his office at parliament in Dhaka on Sunday, Badal, the executive president of the newly floated faction of JSD, also accused Inu of giving priority to personal relations while taking party decisions.

‘Questions have arisen repeatedly against him (Inu) over his attitude towards dealing with financial matters since he became minister.  There’s lack of transparency and ambiguity about the financial matter,’ Badal said.

He further said, ‘Party president can’t take any decision giving priority to his personal relation or out of his anger and affection.  But, he did it.’

Badal, an MP from Chittagong-8 constituency, said one of their serious allegations against Inu is that he could not give party general secretary Sharif Nurul Ambia any scope to play his role.

Earlier on Sunday, JSD, led by Inu, split into two factions following a row over the formation of party’s new committee at its national council that began on Friday at the Mohanagar Natya Mancha.

The councillors elected Inu as president while lawmaker Shirin Akhter made general secretary by voice votes at the council session on Saturday night. A group of JSD leaders, led by Badal and Sharif Nurul Ambia, revolted against Inu’s move to make Shirin Akhter as general secretary without a vote.

They boycotted the party’s council session and later declared formation of a new committee at the Jatiya Press Club making Sharif Nurul Ambia its president while Nazmul Haque Prodhan general secretary and Badal executive president.

Sharif Nurul Ambia, who was general secretary of the party’s immediate past committee, said they walked out of the council session protesting election of leaders in an ‘undemocratic way’.

Badal said four out of six party MPs and 10 out of 14 party standing committee members are with their faction.

Mentioning that they had no plan to break the party, the MP said, ‘We don’t want to split the party. But it got split as a result of party men’s pent-up anger.’