Annisul Huq has no home, car

31 Mar 2015, 17:27 | updated: 01 Apr 2015, 01:21

NTV Online

Dhaka North City Corporation mayoral candidate Annisul Huq does not own any house, flat or shop. His family does not even have any car of his own.

The information becomes available in the affidavits submitted to the Election Commission with the nomination paper of ruling Awami League-blessed mayor hopeful Annisul Huq.

The candidate in his wealth statement said he has Tk 26 crore moveable and immovable properties. Among these, he has Tk 1.95 crore in cash.

Annisul Huq has over Tk 23 crore in movable property, Tk 3.53 crore in FDR investment, Tk 11.48 crore in bonds and shares, Tk 6.58 lakh in bank deposits and Tk 11.12 lakh in jewellery.

He has furniture worth about Tk 14.24 lakh.  

He earns Tk 75.80 lakh annually from his 22 business enterprises.

He also has land property of Tk 3.57 crore.

Wife earns more

Interestingly, Annisul Huq’s wife Rubana Huq, who is a dependant of Annisul, earns annually Tk 84.93 lakh, which is Tk 9 lakh higher than the husband. She earns Tk 25.92 lakh from businesses, Tk 40.44 lakh from FDR, Tk 18 lakh from house rents and the rest of the income comes from share bonds.

Loan 6 times more than wealth

Annisul Huq has taken Tk 166.62 crore loan of from several banks and the amount is greater than his total wealth. Annisul Huq is still owed to City Bank, Dutch-Bangla Bank, Premier Bank, One Bank, National Bank and Exim Bank. Besides, he has other debts of Tk 5.29 crore.

Son earns more from business

Annisul Huq’s son Navidul Huq earns Tk 28.72 lakh per year from business where her parents earn Tk 25.92 lakh. Besides, he gets Tk 37,000 from profit.

Navidul Huq has Tk 31.49 lakh as fixed deposit, Tk 50.25 lakh in bonds and shares, Tk 1.87 lakh in cash. He also owns a land of 3.85 katha.

Daughters' ornaments worth Tk 20,000

Two daughters of Anisul Huq, Wamik Umayra and Tanisha Fariya Man Huq, share ornaments worth Tk 20,000 equally among their other wealth. According to the affidavits both of them are ‘dependent’ of Annisul.

No criminal case has been filed against Annisul Haque, the affidavit shows.

Annisul Huq submitted the nomination form to the election Commission on Sunday to contest the Dhaka North City Corporation.

Annisul Huq says

Mohammadi Group chairman Annisul Huq, however, said the group is a conglomerate of 22 companies that employ more than 15,000 workers. All of the company officers avail car facility and the chairman is not an exception. He also has the privilege to use more than a car as the chairman.

The mayoral aspirant also said, ‘I live in House 80 on Road 23, Banani, in Dhaka. I have handed over the ownership of the house to my son and two daughters.’

Annisul Huq also said that his wife and daughters have been termed ‘dependent’ in the election affidavit as all of them live in the same house. His wife Rubana Huq is the managing director of prestigious Mohammadi Group and daughter Wamik Umayra works for the International Labour Organisation (ILO).