Cattle markets: Sellers ready, but buyers not

30 Aug 2017, 22:37


Dhaka: Cattle markets across the capital saw relatively fewer crowds on Wednesday as the buyers seem to have adopted a wait-and-see approach.

Visiting separate cattle markets at Shanir Akhra, Golapbagh, Sahajahanpur and Gopibagh, UNB correspondents found thin crowds where buyers were moving around and getting information about the prices of the sacrificial animals. The traders were seeking higher prices for their cattle.

Leaseholder of Shanir Akhra cattle market Abul Kalam Azad said, "We have adequate cattle available here. But people are yet to buy those as most of the buyers generally buy cattle at the last moment."

"The prices of the cattle range from Tk 30,000 to Tk 300,000 in our market. The people of all classes will be able to find their expected cows here. We're also providing traders with all the facilities, including security, from dawn to dusk with our dedicated volunteers," he said.

Razzak, a trader from Faridpur who came to Gopibagh market to sell his cattle, said, "I've brought 12 cows but couldn't sell a single one as the buyers are calling for too much lower amount. Most of people are waiting for the eleventh hour. People are just visiting the market to observe the conditions."

Another trader from Jessore, Hossain, said he could manage to sell only two cows out of 19 till Wednesday afternoon.

He, however, expressed satisfaction over the cattle prices this year.

In Shahjahanpur cattle market, the number of buyers was seen slowly increasing in the evening but the cattle sales are yet to pick up momentum there.

Adequate numbers of law enforcers were seen patrolling across the market to ensure security.

Most of the buyers, who succeeded to purchase their sacrificial animals, voiced their satisfaction as they think the prices of the sacrificial animals are almost like that of the last year.

Retired IFIC bank official Raihan, who bought a cow at Tk 58,000, said the prices seem to be reasonable this year. "I bought a cow with less hassle compared to last year."

Traders were getting relatively good prices for small-sized local bulls due to their higher demand among buyers.

However, traders alleged that customers were offering throwaway prices for big-sized oxen.

Meanwhile, over a dozen online shopping sites, including, and, are now offering sacrificial cows and goats with the delivery service, and getting good response.