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Budget 2018-19: Overall expenditure structure

07 Jun 2018, 14:17

NTV Online

Dhaka: Finance Minister AMA Muhith placed Tk 4,64,573 crore budget for the 2018-19 fiscal year in Parliament on Thursday.

About overall expenditure framework of the proposed budget (Development and Non-Development), the minister said: ‘According to the allocation of business among the ministries/divisions, we have categorised the various activities into three groups: namely, social infrastructure, physical infrastructure and general services.’

‘I have proposed an allocation of 27.34 per cent of total budget for social infrastructure of which 24.37 per cent allocation will go to 34 human resource development (education, health and others), 30.99 per cent for physical infrastructure of which 12.68 per cent will go to overall agriculture (agriculture, rural development and rural institutions, water resources and others), 11.43 per cent for overall communication sector (roads, railways, bridges and others) and 5.36 per cent for power and energy sector.’

‘25.30 per cent of total allocation has been proposed for general services and 4.78 per cent for PPP, financial assistance for various industries, subsidies and equity investments in various nationalised corporations, banks, and financial institutions; 11.05 per cent for interest payment; and the rest 0.54 for net lending and other expenditures’ the minister added.