Mithai to introduce canned sweets

08 Jul 2017, 15:42

NTV Online

Sweet brand Mithai is going to introduce canned sweets, which people can eat by preserving it from six months to one year. Besides, Mithai is also going to add ten types of different tasty sweets.

Chief Operating officer of Banga Bakers Limited Animesh Saha said, ‘At present, we have 33 types of sweet including Chomchom, Laddu, Kalojam, Rashogolla, Kachagolla, Kacha Sondesh, Kher Toast, Malaikari, Barfi etc. Now, we are going to introduce some new sweet items including Jafran Vog and Milk Parshia.’

‘Consumers will be able to purchase Rashogolla and Golapjamon, two different canned sweets from our showrooms at the end of July this year. People need to preserve it in a freezer or preserving in 28 degree centigrade temperature,’ he also added.      

Kamruzzaman Kamal, Marketing Director of PRAN-RFL group, said, ‘The number of Mithai showrooms are increasing across the country so that people can buy standard and quality sweets easily in an affordable price. At present, 20 outlets are available in capital city and it will be increased one hundred across the country in 2018. Now, new outlets are being built with wide spaces so that people can take taste of different sweet sitting in the outlets. Mithai has a delivery facility for the customers and various occasions.’  

Kamruzzaman Kamal further said, ‘We have a plan to export our sweet items. Firstly, we will export our canned sweets in Canada.’

Mithai, a chain shop of PRAN group, had started its journey in February, 2015 with the slogan ‘Taste in Tradition’.