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22 Jun 2016, 12:20 | updated: 23 Jun 2016, 11:11

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BDYoungStarz is an online forum founded by Md. Sabbir Sarkar. He is an adjunct faculty of Dhaka University as well as a corporate trainer. He has conducted training in Crime Reporters’ Association Bangladesh, Dhaka Reporters’ Unity, Bangladesh Navy & Bangladesh Coast guard, 20+ Multinational Companies, 3 Banks, 10+ Schools and Colleges. In the United Maritime Academy, he performed as a Guest Lecturer. In addition, Sabbir has been working on English language & Phonetics for the last 8 years. He published some books on those topics.

Mahbubul Haque Osmani, a contributor to NTV Online has recently interviewed Mr. Sabbir Sarkar. 

Osmani: What is BDYoungStarz?

Sabbir Sarkar: Basically, BDYoungStarz is a forum. It's an attempt to nurture the core skills like communication, leadership, networking and English language which many youngsters are craving for. I would not underestimate the great jobs that our teachers are doing in academic settings. But i feel that there are not enough emphasize on this core skills. We will try to bridge this gap. We will bring forward some successful youngsters who will share their views, give million dollar suggestions and thoughtful advices towards upcoming youngsters. On top of that we will organize events to equip future leaders.

Osmani: Why have you taken this initiative?

Sabbir Sarkar: The world is changing and the frequency and magnitude of this change is greater than ever. You have no choice but develop a brighter generation to keep pace with this changing world. Someone has to step in to take initiative to cultivate their ultimate goal. This is exactly what we are trying to do.

Osmani: What is the long term strategy of this team?

Sabbir Sarkar: Obviously, our long term plan is to contribute towards making a wonderful Digital Bangladesh. I believe, within 2020. We will motivate them though our 2020 videos lessons and 100+ live workshops & events together we will create digital Bangladesh. We can roar ‘Jay BDYoungStarz.

Osmani: Who are the key decisions makes of BDYoungStarz?

Sabbir Sarkar: We have got a team: a wonderful one. We got 15 gems here who are dedicated, passionate and most importantly patriotic. Our decision making process is bit rigorous as we believe it's a great responsibility to work towards youth development. Our honorable chief advisers are Rafiuddin Rafi and Mahbubul Haque Osmani. Our associate adviser is Shafiqul Islam Sohel. I, Sabbir Sarkar, Founder Chairman together with our founder directors Samshunnahar khushbu, Toufiqull Islam and Md Polash Ahmed consult before taking the decision. Then we take the approval from our chief advisers and implement it by taking the help of our director Mir Shohag, Head of media; Sabbir Ahmmed & our PR Head, Saddif Ovee.

Osmani: Tell us 5 causes that why people watch BDYoungStarz’s videos.

Sabbir Sarkar:

1. We’re providing premium but free content which will save valuable time

2. 2020 videos about

#Spoken English

# Presentation & public speaking

#Bengali standard Pronunciation

#News presentation

#Co-curricular activities (Dance, Music, playing instruments)


#Basic & advanced computer essentials

#other language standard pronunciation

(Korean, Japanese, Arabic & French )

3. We’re providing live class in our page ‘sabbir the presenter’

4. We have on campus workshops.

5. We have creative trainers’ poll.