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Yangzhou University offers free spot admission for Bangladeshi students

27 May 2019, 16:02

Online Desk

For the very first time China’s leading education organisation Yangzhou University offers ‘Free spot admission program’ at BRAC University auditorium collaboration with MalishaEdu on 26 May, 2019.

Yangzhou University is one of the leading university of China offering scholarship program for overseas students. Students from globe around take the opportunity for various program in several disciplines. It is the first time ever this university is providing the opportunity of scholarship for Bachelor students through a spot admission. The eligible candidates will get an opportunity to study there with scholarship.

Before the spot admission, Vice Dean of Overseas Education of Yangzhou University Li Xiaoyan said, ‘The education system of China is practical and professionalism oriented. We are welcoming Bangladeshi students to be with it’.

Senior Director of BRAC Institute of Languages Lady Syeda Sarwat Abed mentioned that, ‘BRAC Institute of Language deals with many foreign languages. Largest number of people of the world speaks Mandarin language. So it is undoubtedly a valuable language around the world.’ She thanks to Yangzhou University authority to give such opportunity for Bangladeshi students.

Chairman of MalishaEdu Engr. Sheikh Korban Ali said ‘MalishaEdu is trying heart and soul to make admission process easier in China for overseas students. This is routine work of our efforts. MalishaEdu is grateful to Yangzhou University and BRAC University to materialized the even’, he added.

Dean of College of Educational Science Chen Qiuping, Vice Dean of College of Physical Science and Technology Cao Gonglin, Vice Dean of College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Luo Jinhai, Vice Dean of Agriculture Yang Zefeng and College for Overseas Education staff Shi Dongqun were present at the program. To learn more regarding education of China requested to contact MalishaEdu through +8801872606289 or visit www.malishaedu.com