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EAC arranges event with slogan ‘Be World Ready’

21 Jul 2019, 14:41

Online Desk

With the slogan ‘Be World Ready’, Education Assessment Consultancy (EAC) has arranged an event at their office in Uttara in Dhaka.

The event was headed by Saifur Rahman, the CEO of the company. Mala Raghavan, the representative from INTI International University and Rumana Sultana, Managing Director of EAC were also present on the event.

EAC is also doing events and workshops like  ‘The Power Plan for Career Success’, ‘The world awaits you‘, ‘Discover the Super Hero in You’ and many more in collaboration with INTI International University, Malaysia.
Saifur Rahman says, Education Assessment Consultancy is an education based counselling provider, working with numerous renowned universities and organizations abroad. While working on this sector for a good amount of time, we realized something important: our students were lacking the things universities and, even firms, if I may, demand and expects the most. The crucial and necessary skills needed by students to compete at an international platform are lacking in our country’s students.

Rumana Sultana says, ‘Our mission is to develop and polish students, making them “world ready”. Leaving the common academics to the schools, we will provide them with the knowledge in other not-offered courses, engage them with extracurricular activities, add another language or so to their arsenal, and provide them with workshops on required skills like confidence building, teamwork and speaking, improve their communication skills and personality. Also, by exploring their passions both inside and outside the common “BBA and ENGINEER” fields, we connect them with a mentor (a professional already working on the fields they are passionate about), giving them the exposure to their professional insight in their respective fields.’

She also says, ‘In continuation on the earlier workshop, we are doing individual career assessment and spot admission of INTI International University, Malaysia. We are looking forward to come up with more activities and workshops for our students to understand their own quality and make the best use of them.’