Saudi Arabia’s band celebrates lifting of women’s driving ban with song

09 Oct 2017, 11:20


In a landmark decision, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman finally signed a royal decree that will allow women in the country to drive. The historic decision was celebrated by women not only in the country but people from all over the world, reports Indiaexpress.

And ever since the ban was lifted, women are being encouraged to learn driving. Even the big car manufacturers have rolled out special offers and giveaways! Now, joining the bandwagon is a popular Arabic band ‘Most of Us’ has a special song extending their support to the women in the country.

In their new anthem, they have created a cover for Steppenwolf’s famous song ‘Born to Be Wild’, titled, ‘Saudi girls will drive.’ And for their song video, they have shown two men in traditional outfits riding a car being driven by a woman driver! Sung in both English and Arabic it says, ‘Yeah ladies go make it happen. Take the wheel with a love embrace. No more driver, Uber or taxi, To take you any place.’