Singer Mila claims ‘husband got caught’ having illicit affairs with ‘lots of women’

18 Oct 2017, 17:38

NTV Online

Bangladesh pop singer Mila took the allegation against her husband to another step farther by posting an audio tape on Facebook on Wednesday claiming ‘he got caught with his POROKIAZ (illicit affairs) with lots of different women’.

Mila’s husband Pervez Sanjary, a pilot of a privately-run domestic airline company, was arrested on 5 October following a case filed by the singer with Uttara West police station.

Mila wrote on Facebook: ‘And the conversation on 18th day of my marriage after my dear husband got caught with his POROKIAZ with lots of different women’.

She also added: ‘Why did i not know this side of him for 10 years? Well, there are many things a wife can know about her husband in a day that a girlfriend can't know in a hundred years. When my husband was away on a course out of country, I opened his pc to check my mails and he was logged into his facebook account, jetar access amake o konodin dei nai [he didn’t give me access to his account] and nor was I on his friend's list because he wanted to maintain privacy. That's when I came across these horrific details about this man, yes, in 13 days that I couldn't find out in 10 years. hope its all clear now!!!’

A Dhaka court refused bail to Pervez Sanjary in a case filed against him on charges of torturing his wife for dowry.

In the case statement, the singer alleged that her husband had taken Tk5 lakh as dowry and tortured her several times demanding Tk10 lakh more.

Singer Mila married Parvez at her residence in Dhaka on 12 May 2017.