Nur Alam’s Cassette: A story of 90s’

19 Nov 2017, 12:17 | updated: 19 Nov 2017, 12:20

NTV Online

A village man, Haru, borrowed 12 volts battery and turn on the tape recorder on his home. His elder brother Nur recorded his voice and sent it from Saudi Arabia. The house is filled with mother; aunties; sisters and many more. Everyone’s attention retain on the tape recorder. Everyone is listening Nur Alam’s words in a pin point silence. They are hearing Nur Alam’s words and the recorder is rolling on. This piece off image represents the early 90’s village image. The image portrayed by director Himu Akram for his upcoming telefilm, ‘Nur Alam’s cassette’.

The Telefilm was shot recently at Pubaila near Dhaka. Popular television actor Chanchal Chowdhury is casted for the character of Nor Alam’s younger brother ‘Harun’. Apart from Chanchal Priya Aman, Shanaj Khushi, Dilara Jaman, Humayun Shadhu, S. K. Bappi, Shorif Vhuiya and many others will also be seen in the telefilm.

Talking about the telefilm, Chanchal Chowdhury said, ‘I played the character Harun. The character is amazing. The storyline was the regular scenario of the village long time ago. By this telefilm people will taste a different story. The audience will get a flash back from their childhood of 90’s, village life or the past.’

Himu Akram says in short the telefilm is a story of our early life. I just tried to give my audience a flash back from their memories, the days they left far behind.’

The director said ‘Nur Alam’s cassette’ will be telecasted on 24 November at 3:00pm on Channel i.