Actor Shakib Khan sends divorce notice to Apu Biswas

04 Dec 2017, 16:27 | updated: 04 Dec 2017, 17:18

NTV Online

Bangladesh film star Shakib Khan has sent a divorce notice to his wife actor Apu Biswas.

Shakib Khan’s friend and a film producer and director Mohammad Iqbal said on Monday a copy of the divorce notice was sent to Apu’s residence. 

Iqbal has been performing as the spokesman for Shakib. Barrister Rokanuddun Mahmud dealt the legal procedure, Iqbal added. 

At first, in reply to a SMS sent to Shakib Khan, the actor said, ‘ I’m in shooting spot now, will talk about it later.’ Later, the actor confirmed he signed the notice.

'I'm out of Bangladesh now for shooting of a film. I signed the notice before leaving the country.'

However, Apu Biswas could not be reached.