Model Bex Shiner breaks Instagram rules

05 Dec 2017, 14:01

Photo: Collected

Bex Shiner might have been entertaining us with her drunken antics in the streets - but she’s just as much of a freak in front of the camera at home.

The former Big Brother contestant isn’t unused to flashing the public, since leaving series 9 of the reality show she’s been working as a webcam model on the pornographic website Adult Work, reports the Mirror.

Bex charges punters to chat and strip online over webcam, and also shares her own X-rated pictures and video on

But she’s been giving fans a glimpse of her work over on Instagram - with a stream of X-rated selfies.

Breaking Instagram’s ban on showing nipples, she puts her 36FF boobs front and center for most pictures.

The 30-year-old plus-sized glamour model used to work as a nursery nurse before finding fame on Big Brother.

She’s the glamour model slash porn star who lives by the motto that she’d ‘rather be a has been than a never was.’

But before Bex Shiner the boob-flashing exhibitionist, there was Rebecca Shiner - a 21-year-old nursery nurse from Coventry seeking fame and fortune on Big Brother 2008.

Back then, when the crazy cucumber-eating antics of present day hadn’t yet germinated in her mind, she was boyband-loving fangirl who admitted in her auction tape that she was ‘rubbish with boys.’

‘I go out and get drunk and do something stupid and they’re just like, ‘she’s not with me!’’ she told the camera.

Admitting her mates compared her to Vicky Pollard, she added, ‘I don’t think before I speak and I just do some things to tell me in my head to do it and I say, ‘that’ll be funny to do it,’ so I just do it.’


She continued: ‘Everyone says to me ‘do you not think you could calm down a little bit,’ and I think ‘why would I want to do that?’ I just like annoying people, it gives me great pleasure.’

She rated herself an eight out of 10 for intelligence and revealed that not only did she camp out for 21 hours to see Take That on their latest tour, but that she was also a fully-paid up member of the Hanson fan club.