Instagram sensation Sakshi Chopra goes sultry again

20 Jan 2018, 11:10

NTV Online
Photo: Collected

Sakshi Chopra is a singer-songwriter, social media influencer and content creator. She is the great granddaughter of legendary late television and movie director Dr Ramanand Sagar Chopra and the daughter of television and movie producer Meenakshi Sagar who’s daughter of Moti Sagar.

Ramayana maker Ramanand Sagar’s great granddaughter Sakshi Chopra takes the internet by storm with her bold photos. She has taken the Sagar legacy to another level. Let’s take a look at the latest pictures of this new Instagram star.

Ramanand Sagar's granddaughter Sakshi Chopra has created a buzz again as she shares a bold photo. Sakshi teases fans again as she bares it all.

Sakshi's stunning photos left little to the imagination, and can make men go weak in their knees, reports the Times of India.

Social media star Sakshi has become a sensation as she keeps entertaining her fans with her sultry pictures.

In an interview, her proud grandfather Moti Sagar said, ‘Sakshi is taking the Sagar legacy to another level. It is good to see her branded not as an actor, but as a social media celeb with her talent company.’