Deepika Padukone got a gift, a note

07 Feb 2018, 10:36


Actress Deepika Padukone posted a picture of a gift she received recently, presumably one of several tokens she appears to have been given after her new film ‘Padmaavat’ released. The actress revealed nothing in her Instagram post—not what the gift was (it looks like a dark gold sari) nor who it came from, reports NDTV.

Deepika captioned her post simply ‘#guesswho?’— so her followers did. The verdict was—actress Rekha, possibly on the strength that it seems to be a sari of the sort Rekha would pick and because she’s believed to have gifted Deepika Padukone a sari once before this. Guesses on Deepika’s post read: ‘Rekha ji’ I guess...’love her’ and ‘It’s a sari and it’s definitely given by Rekha ji.’

Social media probably guessed right. Indian Express quotes a source as saying, ‘Deepika was elated to receive a handwritten note along with a gift from Rekha ji. It was a heart touching letter from the veteran actress who expressed her awe and appreciation towards Deepika's performance in ‘Padmaavat’.

Rekha, who watched a special screening of ‘Padmaavat’ recently, is also reported to have given Deepika Padukone this pink sari that she wore to a friend's wedding some months ago and then again to a ‘Padmaavat’ event.