Zaheer Khan, Sagarika talk about their 'Journey Of Love’

23 Mar 2018, 11:01


Actress Sagarika Ghatge and Indian cricketer Zaheer Khan, who married in November last year, have shot for a special video for a platinum jewellery brand, where they talk about their love story, reports NDTV.

The video has been posted on YouTube with the title ‘Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge’s journey of love.’

‘Right now, I’m stress-free,’ says Sagarika, who is seated on a grey couch besides husband Zaheer Khan. She is seen wearing a blue dress while Zaheer is spiffily dressed in a white shirt, blue trouser and jacket. What Sagarika wants to change in Zaheer? ‘He’s too laid back and that’s something he has to change.’

Zaheer said that he had to convince Sagarika that he was the one for her. ‘I haven’t come across many people who have achieved so much but are so grounded. That’s something I look up to in him. He is someone who’s been liked by everybody because he is actually a very nice person,’ Sagarika said.

‘Families coming together is a big thing. We both value each other’s families that way. Her mom knew about us well before her dad knew,’ Zaheer said. He also revealed that the first meeting he had with Sagarika’s dad went on for three hours. He had only expected to meet him for 20 minutes.

Of meeting Zaheer’s family, Sagarika said, ‘I was a little scared... obviously because I was meeting them for the first time.’

Sagarika Ghatge and Zaheer Khan had a simple court marriage on November 23, which was followed by mehendi, sangeet ceremonies and a wedding reception. The couple went for their honeymoon to Maldives.