Young musician Mahtim Shakib trolled on Facebook for this cover song!

04 Jun 2018, 13:08 | updated: 04 Jun 2018, 13:20

NTV Online

After becoming a viral name on Bangladeshi social media for his songs on YouTube, it seems the young sensation Mahtim Shakib Rahman has seen the other side of the coin too.

Mahtim is now being trolled on social media for rendering a popular song originally sung by Bangladeshi musician Tanzir Tuhin, a vocalist of music band Shironamhin.   

In video posted recently on Facebook Mahtim was seen rendering, ‘Hasimukh’ (meaning a smiling face). But, unlike his previous songs, this time the young man was thoroughly trolled by social media users who claimed Mahtim has had ruined the song.

Here is the video:

Mahtim has garnered immense praise after he uploaded a Rabindra Sangeet as a tribute to Rabindranath Tagore on 5 May in ‘his style’.

He wrote: ‘Here in this video I have tried to give a tribute to the Legend Rabindranath Tagore in my style. probably this will match my sort of taste in music and sorry if I have hurt any of your native feelings .’ (sic)