Asheq Manzur’s latest music video launched

05 Jul 2018, 10:37

NTV Online

Singer cum music composer Asheq Manzur has recently partnered with popular Bangladeshi Youtube Channel ‘BongoBD’. As part of this partnership, BongoBD has acquired exclusive rights to launch Asheq Manzur and his production house 3p Production’s contents.

Recently BongoBD has uploaded Asheq’s latest music video ‘Mehedi Rangiye’ on their Youtube channel. The music video has already received rave reviews from the music connoisseur and critics alike. Sung by popular Bollywood singer Anwesha Datta Gupta, the lyric of the song is penned by Russel Rahman and Asheq Manzur. ‘Mehedi Rangiye’ is directed by Zafrul Hasan Leman and Asheq himself.

While talking about this music video, Asheq says, ‘I’ve recorded this song about three months ago in India. Anwesha is not only a good singer, she is also a great human being and fun to work with. The music video has Ratasree Dutta as model and she has beautifully executed the choreography that we planned for this groovy number.’

When asked about the reason behind coming up with a peppy wedding song, Asheq says, ‘We are mostly dependent on Hindi songs when it comes to wedding numbers. We do not have enough songs that can cater to the youngsters’ urge to dance with our own desi quirky music especially during the time of the wedding festivals. I think ‘Mehedi Rangiye’ will be able to at least give something to cheer about for our wedding song lovers.’

Apart from ‘Mehedi Rangiye’, BongoBD has also launched Asheq’s another music video ‘Deyaler Opare’ on their Youtube channel.