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Ityadi shoots in Sunamganj

24 Nov 2018, 15:43

Online Desk

Popular magazine show ‘Ityadi’ has taken a unique endeavor to visit the historically and naturally significant places of Bangladesh. To keep up with this trend, the ‘Ityadi’ team recently visited to the Sunamganj district and shoot an entire episode much to the delight of the audiences there. Sunamganj’s Tekerghat is a remote area which is gifted with magnificent hills, greeneries and lakes. ‘Ityadi’ team sets up a stage in Tekerghat and people from many different places of Sylhet gathered to witness the taping of the show.

Sunamganj has a rich historical and cultural significance apart from its abundant natural beauty. ‘Ityadi’ starts with an informative documentary on Sunamganj. Folk legend Shah Abdul Karim, Hasan Raja, Radharomon Dutta, Durbin Shah and many other talented people and their timeless creations enriched Sunamganj and ‘Ityadi’ pays tribute to them through a documentary. ‘Ityadi’ will also broadcast a documentary on Mainul Majedin from Ashulia, Dhaka. Mainul has a peculiar desire to collect watches. He has many rare watches in his collection.

This episode of ‘Ityadi’ will also broadcast a documentary on Bangladeshi origin and Germany resident Shib Sankar Paul who is an athlete and has an inspiring story to share with the viewers.

In 2010 ‘Ityadi’ aired a documentary on two youths who used to go to various shopping malls to collect money from people for treatment of poor children. How these youths are doing now? There will be a follow up documentary on them. In this episode, the foreign segment has a documentary on various picturesque locales of the South Africa.

Whenever Ityadi goes to a new place, it tries to invite famous personalities of that area. There is no difference to this in this episode as well. Sumanganj’s singing maestros: Hasan Raja, Durbin Shah, Radharomon Dutta and Shah Abdul Karim created some legendary songs. Sylhet born popular singers: Suvra Dev and Selim Chowdhury sung a medley of some of their popular songs.

Lyricist Mohammad Rofiquzzaman has written a song highlighting the beauty of Sunamganj. The song is tuned by Hanif Sanket and composed by Mehdi. The duet song is sung by Protik Hasan and Anika. A group of Sunamganj based dance artists participated on this dance number which is choreographed by Monirul Islam Mukul.

The regular comedy skits, invited guest segments and other contemporary segments promises to provide enough food for thoughts to the viewers. Ityadi is emceed by Hanif Sanket, produced by Fagun Audio Vision and sponsored by Keya Cosmetics Limited. Magazine show Ityadi will go on air on BTV and BTV World on 30 November after 8:00pm news.