I want to return to Bangladesh: Mungunzul

23 Jan 2019, 14:05

NTV Online
Mungunzul. Photo: UNB

Mungunzul was born in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. She studied at Music and Dance College, where her talent began to bloom. She graduated from the Culture and Art University of Mongolia.

Mungunzul specialized in acting. She won the top prize in a competition named after Shakespeare, for playing the role of Juliet, reports the UNB.

She established the independent ‘DOZ Entertainment’ production. Mungunzul has acted in TV shows, movies and dramas. She also opened a comedy TV channel and worked in many TV programmes that were well received by the audience.

She has also acted in several foreign movies and was the protagonist in ‘People with blue spots’. The opening ceremony of the movie was held in the Government Palace of Mongolia. It was awarded with the prize ‘Precious heritage of France’. The movie was premiered in Paris and then successfully played in Inner Mongolia, People’s Republic of China.

She was also involved with many movies as an artist and producer, including ‘Blue shadow of mountain’ (drama, in supporting role), ‘It is pretty hard when my child becomes grown up’ (comedy, in supporting role), ‘The day after I fell in love’ (comedy, in main role), ‘Ticket for life’ (film against drug /drama, protagonist), ‘People with blue spots’ (drama, protagonist), ‘Fly away’ (drama, shot in Korea, protagonist) and ‘Life like a movie’ (comedy, in supporting role).

This year, she will be seen in three international films. Mungunzul was given the ‘Northern Star’ prize for her contribution to the art of cinema.

She was also the winner of the TV show ‘Mongolian Dancing with Stars’ in 2012. UNB’s Shafik Russell finally got to go for treasure hunts on her private boat.

You won the Best Actress (global). Tell us something about your journey and experience?

Mungunzul: My family is involved with filmmaking. My husband is an actor and director. I have a film production company. I won the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ award in 2012 and the ‘Best Actress’ award in 2013. Apart from them, I also won the global award best actress from Delhi Noida film festival 2016.

I have been involved with the film industry for 10 years and have acted in many films and a variety of comedy shows. But I want to work with many experienced artists because I want to learn more. I want to learn from others every day. I am waiting for the right moment to come up with my dreams. That’s why I really want to know and study more.

You are working as a programmer at DIFF. Tell us something about this experience and the response of the audience you are getting from this event?

Mungunzul: This is my first visit to Dhaka and participation in the Dhaka International Film Festival. I had a different perception about Bangladesh before coming here. My eight-day stay has changed my views. I would like to thank Ahmed Muztaba Zamal who has organized DIFF. We first met in Pusan and he invited me to join DIFF as one of the juries. He has big connections around the world.

This festival is very well-organised and the people are very friendly. As a guest, I am leaving Bangladesh with a good experience.

What is the main objective of this film festival?

Mungunzul: An international film festival carries a big value. If this festival was not organised, then people in many countries would not have known about your country. I think the festival will promote your own culture. It is very valuable for any country.

The international film festival is a big event to share your country’s film art, cinematic art, and experiences with other countries.

Have you seen any Bangla movie? How did you like it? What do you like the most about Bangladeshi film?

Mungunzul: I was a jury for the Spiritual Films Section at this festival and I saw 24 films. We selected one documentary, one feature film, and one short film. I saw only short two Bangladeshi films.

In fact, I have not seen many Bangladeshi films. It is very difficult to talk about Bangladeshi film industry and art. But I will watch when I go back. Your (Bangladeshi) culture has amazed me a lot.

How are you feeling visiting Bangladesh?

Mungunzul: As I said, my idea about the country was different. The people were really kind. One of the things I found very interesting is people praying five times a day. It gave a good impression. I have seen big potential in your country.

But Bangladesh needs to improve one thing – its traffic system.

I came here for the first time but suddenly I met the Honorary Consul of Mongolia to Bangladesh. I’d like to thank Nasreen Fatema, the honorary consul of Mongolia to Bangladesh, for supporting me during my stay in Dhaka.

I’d like to thank DIFF’s festival hospitality team, and Rainbow Film Society and the jury.

I wish to come again to this country.