Himu Akram is back with ‘Shanti Molom Dosh Taka’

14 Mar 2019, 11:19 | updated: 14 Mar 2019, 16:07

NTV Online

Dhaka: Himu Akram has earned a name for himself in the Bangladesh television industry for making dramas evolving with unconventional stories. His stories are full of subtle and funny characters. He likes to carry the audiences back to their childhood and adolescence period. The plots of the stories of the dramas have been revolving around village, its markets and rural areas of Bangaldesh.

Obhirampur is one such fictional village of Bangladesh. People of various professions live in the village.

Kubbat Ali uses a pet monkey for fortune telling. The name of his monkey is Mr Dulal. Dulal is kept in the village court for catching criminals. But, Dulal is also the reason for Kubbat’s ill fate. 

Kubbat’s assistant’s name is Battery. His small physical feature had earned him such unusual name. Battery dreams to become an owner of a monkey like Dulal and follows his master to realise his dream.

On the other hand, Kubbat’s younger brother Mohabbat roams around to door to door with women of the village. He sells saris, bangles and other cosmetics. He has built a special relationship with women. However, his wife doesn’t like Mohabbat’s such kind of feature at all and the couple almost every day fight over it.

‘Sorporaj’ (king of the snakes) Rezzak is a troublemaker. The snake-charmer catches snakes and shows games with the reptiles. He lives on taking loans from others. He is the writer of a book titled ‘Sap Ebong Manusher Prem’ (Snake And Human’s Love). He claims he has cobra in his pocket but nobody has ever seen it. But still everyone is afraid of Rezzak.  

Another man of terror is Bakkar Chairman. He had failed times in the chairman election. But, he cares nobody. He on his own arranges village trial court for judgement whenever any problem arises. But nobody cares about his verdicts. The villagers are irritated with his troublesome activities.     

Bodor Ostad is a man who always seeks opportunities to make others fall in his traps. He earns livelihood through mortgage business. He keeps mortgage almost everything from gold, watch to rickshaw, cattle even human being as well. He lends money against the mortgaged items. The annoyed villagers are in search of a balm of peace to get rid of foul Bodor Ostad.

Hakkani is a notorious thief of the village. He steals anything and everything from valuable items to plastic-made pots. He has a dream of opening a school for teaching how to steal. The villagers have no peace in mind because of Hakkani.  

The women of the village are not in peace too. Kubbat’s girlfriend, Mohabbat’s wife Kohinoor, Rezzak’s wife China Bibi or Beauty, a woman of Mollabari — all of them are in constant distress and frustration. While one of them is yearning for a make-up box, another one is in sorrow for not being into a cinema hall ever; another one is upset for not having a 21-inches colour TV set at her home while another woman is longing for his expatriate husband. All these people in agony want peace, at any cost.  

The drama serial ‘Shanti Molom Dosh Taka’ (A balm for peace at Tk 10) combines such mysterious and colourful characters together. Himu Akram has written and now making the drama-serial for a private satellite TV channel. He said, ‘People with various professions are available in our society. They live around us. The drama is based on some of such interesting characters. Features of everyday life such as love, complexities in life, laughter, agitation etc will be shown in the serial. I hope the audience will be thoroughly entertained watching it.‌'