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Himu Akram’s ‘Jaliler Adamshumari’

11 Apr 2019, 19:22

NTV Online

Jalil, an NGO worker who came from Honolulu, writes down names of people visiting home to home. He writes down names of children, if there are any elderly persons in the family, how old are they and so on. Babul is his assistant. Babul, a man with 4.5feet of height, is always found in a complete suit. Babul often tries to speak in English. Jalil and Babul live in the house of Chairman of the village.  

The fictional scenario mentioned above depicts the census process in rural Bangladesh. Dramatist and director Himu Akram has brought the story on screen. He is making a telefilm — ‘Jaliler Adamshumari’ (Jalil’s Census) based on the mentioned plot. 

The telefilm was shot at various spots in Pubail, a popular shooting place on the outskirts of Dhaka. Irfan Sazzad plays the role of Jalil. Other casts include Priya Aman, Humayun Sadhu, Payel, Masud Rana Mitu, Kazi Uzzal and Shariful to name a few.

‘Humayun Sadhu is playing the role of my assistant. Conducting census visiting homes in the village, my love affair with Chairman’s daughter, arguing with my assistant Babul — overall, mine one is a funny character in the telefilm. However, the audience will find a different story towards the end of the telefilm. The audience will be surprised for sure’, said Irfan Sazzad. 

Director-dramatist Himu Akram said, ‘This is a story of our old days. In our childhood we used to see people came to our house for the census. I tried to make a telefilm out of it. But the ending of ‘Jaliler Adamshumari’ will be unconventional. It would be full of drama.’

The storyline goes as: counting members of the families in the neighbourhood and distributing chocolates are jobs of Jalil and Babul. The children of the village like Jalil; among them Jalil befriended with Matin, a Class IV student. Chairman’s two daughters also like Jalil. When they come know Jalil is unmarried, they start taking more care of him! Matin becomes the guide of Jalil and Babul. Jalil and Babul take Matin to the town. A new story unfolds... 

The maker said, ‘Jaliler Adamshumari’ will be telecast on Channel-i on 12 April, Friday, at 3:05pm.