Video: First performance of ‘Balam & The Legacy’ appears

16 Apr 2019, 21:23

NTV Online
Photo: Collected

Dhaka: A video of first performance done by the newly emerged band ‘Balam & The Legacy’ was uploaded on social networking site yesterday.

The video has gone viral on youtube where popular singer Balam was seen performing on the songs of legendary singer Ayub Bachchhu.

After the death of LRB frontman Bachchu on October 18, last year, the iconic Bangladeshi rock band announced their new lead vocal Balam Jahangir, a popular singer and former vocalist of the rock band Warfaze.

The announcement came on April 5 - the 28th anniversary of LRB, at an event in a restaurant at capital’s Baily Road.

Speaking about the name change, band members told the press that the band will continue their activities until further notice under the new name, respecting the request made by Ayub Bachchu’s family members of not using the name LRB anymore.

Abdullah Al Masud, guitarist of the band told the Dhaka Tribune: ‘Changing the name was not easy for us either. I would request everybody to respect the decision if they love Bachchhu bhai, and LRB.’

‘We want our fans to be patient as we do not want any kind of controversy and negative energy. I would also request the media to be supportive and helps us prevent misunderstanding and negativity,’ he added.