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‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ staged at NDUB

06 May 2019, 16:26

NTV Online

Dhaka: The students of English Department at Notre Dame University Bangladesh (NDUB) staged William Shakespeare’s comedy ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ recently.

The chief guest of the program was Vice-Chancellor of NDUB Professor Dr. Fr. Patrick Daniel Gaffney, CSC. Registrar Fr Adam S. Pereira, CSC and Professor Tahmina Ahmed, the former chair of the Department of English, Dhaka University were present as the special guests.

The direction of the drama has been done by former students of the Department of Theater and Performance Studies of Dhaka University Md. Abdur Razzak and Shongkar Kumar Biswas.

The honorable Chair of the Department of English, NDUB, regarding the staging of the drama, said, ‘William Shakespeare is an inseparable name of English literature. We teach English literature at our university where various texts by William Shakespeare are taught. This program has been organized so that the students don’t just stay limited to bookish reading of great texts rather they can act and participate through practical engagement. This is the first staging of Shakespeare in the history of NDUB.’

The set was designed by Shongkar Kumar Biswas, Shamim Miah, Md. Abdur Razzak, light was designed by Shongkar Kumar Biswas, music was designed by Md. Abdur Razzak, and Syeda Taslima Nodi designed the costume and make-up.

In the drama, Theseus was played by Raiyan Siddique Durjoy, Hippolyta was Nafisa Tabassum Yoko, Lyseander was Arpon Clement Costa, Hermia was Athai Clara Gregory, Demetrius was Rimon Chowdhury, Helena was Bornaly Debnath, Egeus was Argha Nayan, Quince was Amartya Barua Ami, Bottom was Romeo Angelo, and other characters were played by the students of the department of English, NDUB.