Rakhi Sawant poses with Pakistani Flag; shoots for an item number!

09 May 2019, 12:38

NTV Online
Rakhi Sawant poses with Pakistani Flag. Photo: Instagram

Time and again Rakhi Sawant makes an appearance in the news and how! Currently, she’s shooting for her movie Dhara-370 in the Valley Of Gods, Kullu-Manali.

Rakhi reached the Kullu-Manali via Bhuntar airport and will soon be seen shooting an item number for her upcoming Bollywood film Dhara-370.

Rakhi has recently posted a picture on Instagram in which she is seen holding the flag of Pakistan and wrote ‘I love my India but it’s my character in the film dhara 370.’

Rakhi has also posted a video in which she is talking about her role of a Pakistani dancer and how she helps Jihadi’s to escape from Pakistan taking help from her, reports the

Yet again she’s getting trolled by people and calling her anti-nationalists for playing this character and her tipsy dance moves. Manoj Joshi, who is also the part of the movie, is already shooting in Manali and Rakhi has a guest appearance in the movie.

Meanwhile, enjoy her dance moves and tell us in the comments below if you like this AVATAR of her!