Pooja Bhatt slams Sonu Nigam, tweets in favour of Azaan

18 Apr 2017, 22:14 | updated: 18 Apr 2017, 22:50

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Film-maker and actress Pooja Bhatt

In midst of the controversy created by Indian singer Sonu Nigam over morning Azaan, Indian film-maker and actress Pooja Bhatt has come out in favour of the morning prayer call and the sound of church bells.

The actress took to Twitter to post a tweet on the ongoing topic, showing she has no chill over anti-religion rants.

“I wake each morning to the sound of church bells and the Azaan in a quiet by-lane of Bandra. I light an aggarbatti and salute the spirit of India,” she posted.

I wake each morning to the sound of church bells & the Azaan in a quiet by-lane of Bandra.I light an aggarbatti & salute the spirit of India

— Pooja Bhatt (@PoojaB1972) April 18, 2017

Bollywood singer Sonu Nigham managed to land himself another controversy on Monday after tweeting about “forced religiousness in India”. 

The singer, who is known for singing love songs, ranted about having to wake up to the sound of Azaan in the morning in a series of tweets.

God bless everyone. I'm not a Muslim and I have to be woken up by the Azaan in the morning. When will this forced religiousness end in India

— Sonu Nigam (@sonunigam) April 16, 2017

The singer’s tweets were not taken lightly and Twitteratti reacted strongly to his social media rant.

This is not the first time the topic of Azaan has been picked up by celebrities in India. Earlier, Bollywood powerhouse performer Priyanka Chopra said that she finds the sound of Azaan mesmerising.

Priyanka Chopra finds sound of Azaan mesmerising

In an old video clip, Priyanka was addressing a press conference in Bhopal where a reporter asked her what she liked about the city.

The famous actress replied that she waits for the time of Azaan on her hotel room’s terrace daily before sunset.

Priyanka said that the way Azaans resonate in sync before sunset is quite peaceful and captivating.