Ayub Bachchu to sell his guitars

06 Jul 2017, 18:40 | updated: 06 Jul 2017, 18:49

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Dhaka: Legendary rock star Ayub Bachchu will sell his guitars from his collection as he cannot bear the maintenance costs for them anymore.

He posted the announcement on his Facebook wall with the photo of guitars on Wednesday (July 5).

Ayub Bachchu is not only the best guitarist in Bangladesh but also in the subcontinent. Everyone knows more or less about his love or friendship with the guitar.

The singer, lead guitarist, songwriter said that he had wished to hand over five guitars from this collection all of which he played at various points of his career to the new generation by organising a competition.

But after trying for a few days, the playback artist did not get any sponsor. So his initiative did not see the success. On Wednesday (July 5th), he made an announcement on Facebook expressing his sorrow.

He wrote, "I wanted to hand over some of my favourite guitars to the guitarists through a competition. I wanted to encourage them so that it can be a new example from generation to generation in guitar playing."

The popular musician further wrote, "But my dream was not implemented as my dream about the guitar was bigger than the reality. Moreover, maintaining guitars is very difficult. So I decided to sell five guitars first. Those guitarists who play or those who want to keep my guitars in the collection can contact."

The model of five guitars is ErnieBall MUSIC AN #AXIS, CARVIN #JB, CARVIN, ErnieBall MUSIC MAN #JP, CHARVEL, while all made in the USA.
Ayub Bachchu also said the next 5 days this offer will be available only.

Those who want to collect these guitars can contact this number (01973020840).