Khulna hospitals overcrowded with cold-hit kids

29 Oct 2017, 12:43

NTV Online

Khulna: Khulna Medical College and Hospital and Khulna Shishu Hospital are struggling to provide medical service for increasing number of cold-related children patients.

A large number of children are catching cold and pneumonia everyday due to seasonal changes.

More than 200 children inflicted with cold, fever and pneumonia were admitted to Khulna Medical College and Hospital in the last 10 days.

Moreover, another 500 children suffering from either fever or pneumonia took treatment from the outdoor section of the hospital.

Dr Monoj Kumar Malakar, assistant registrar of children ward of Khulna Medical College and Hospital, said, ‘We have acute shortage of beds in this ward as a single bed is needed for a single child patient.’

Meanwhile, Khulna Shishu Hospital, the lone child hospital in the division, is also facing huge pressure of minor patients infected with cold, fever, cough and pneumonia.

Over 4,000 minors took treatment from the hospital in the last ten days, said hospital sources.

Patients are sharing beds due to lack of adequate seats, while doctors and nurses are on rush to ensure medication for all, witnesses said.

Dr TM Manjur Morshed, director of Khulna Shishu Hospital, said, ‘At least 900 patients are now admitted to our 250-bed hospital with shortage of staff.’

Children should be kept clean and away from cold weather during changes in season, doctors advised.