Remove formalin using CleanAva

16 Jan 2019, 13:02

NTV Online

Dishonest traders use formalin in fruits, fish, vegetables and other food items in a bid to preserve the items for a longer time for gaining more profit. Used in textile, plastic, paper, colour, construction and preserving dead bodies, formalin could be extremely dangerous for human body. The deceptive traders use formalin knowing the adverse effect of the chemical. Hence, we worry buying fruits-vegetables from markets because of formalin.

CleanAva, a formalin cleaner is brought in market by Purnava Limited (A subsidiary of Renata Limited) to ensure you eat fruits and vegetables not contaminated with formalin. CleanAva is the easiest way to remove hazardous elements such as pesticide and formalin from vegetables and fruits making them fresh and fully nutritious without any health risk. Made from natural ingredients CleanAva is more effective in removing formalin from fruits and vegetables. Keep the vegetables, fruits or fish into CleanAva for 10-15 minutes. This will remove harmful elements such as pesticide and formalin for sure.

Lab tests confirm using CleanAva for 30 minutes before eating will remove 99 per cent pesticides, formalin and other risky elements, confirms Rezaul Karim, a senior scientist of Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR). He said the product (CleanAva) is made with necessary tests at BCSIR lab. Using CleanAva on food items and then washing those well with ordinary water will remove formalin from the eatables. But, time is very important. After using CleanAva you have to wait for minimum 10-15 minutes, otherwise it will not be effective.  

Carbide and formalin are thoroughly uses in imported fruits such as apple, grape, malta. Formalin delays decomposition of fruits, so most of the vendors use it. We are absorbing with these highly risky elements for health just for lack of a little awareness. So, CleanAva should also be used before eating the imported fruits, added Rezaul Karim. 

Formalin is also used in the local markets in seasonal fruits such as amla and olive, he also said. We are often eating these fruits without washing it after buying from roadside venrdors. Thus formalin is affecting our bodies. In restaurants foodies are served with salad made of green vegetables such as lettuce and carrot without properly washed and cleansed. So the restaurant authorities should also be aware of removing formalin from food items or else human health would be affected.

Some formalin and carbide cleaners are available in market now. But, those are not capable of totally removing the hazardous items. However, Rezaul Karim also said CleanAva is a lot more effective in such cases.