Bangladesh’s first robot restaurant launched

15 Nov 2017, 17:38 | updated: 15 Nov 2017, 18:54

Online Desk

Dhaka: Bangladesh’s first-ever robot restaurant was launched in capital Dhaka on Wednesday.

The programme was arranged jointly by Robot Restaurant and a China-based robot-making organisation HZX Electronic Technology Company at its own auditorium in Dhaka.

The Robot Restaurant and the robot-making organisation organised a press conference on Wednesday on the occasion of launching programmne of the restaurant.

Located at busy city street in Family World Convention Center 2/6 Asad Gate, Mirpur Road, Dhaka near Bangladesh Prime Minister’s official residence, Robot Restaurant invites all classes of people to experience and enjoy robotic service.

This is a restaurant first of its kind in Bangladesh, foods will be served to customers by robots, said the organisers, said a press release.

Visitors described the launch of the restaurant a ‘milestone and new history’ in the country as it is the first restaurant which is robot-run.

Primarily the restaurant has installed two humanoid robots to serve food to customers.