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‘Extreme Cut Out Jeans’ takes fashion into an ‘extreme height’

03 May 2018, 17:30

NTV Online
Photo: Collected

Not all things fashionable are fabulous. Some are weird and others downright bizarre.

We are nearly halfway through 2018 and there are always new entries for the ‘Most outlandish clothing item’ recognition.

This time, both the entries happen to be jeans, at least that’s what they claim to be. If you thought you have seen all the disastrous versions of the humble denim, you’re wrong and how.
Introducing the ‘extreme cut out jeans’, the wild cousin of the socially-acceptable slightly-distressed denims.

The jeans, sold by an LA-based company, are literally just the seams, the zip and some barely-there fabric that covers - well – nothing, reports NDTV.

The company, however, was kind enough to include pockets. The jeans, for the lack of a better word, might be low on the amount of fabric used but not the price tag! A pair of jeans cost a whopping US$168, or Rs.11,000.

And you’d be naive to think the jeans had no takers as it is already sold out on the brand’s website.
The jeans look strikingly similar to the ‘thong jeans’ that were seen at a fashion show last year in Tokyo.

Feeling uneasy with the ‘extreme cut out’ jeans? Here’s the ‘wild thang lace up pants’, except everyone pointed out that the ‘pants’ aspect of the garment is conspicuously missing.
 The stringy jeans made up primarily of shoe laces were ridiculed on social media.

‘What is even the point of pants,’ a person wrote on Instagram. Another said, ‘Lol I’m sorry but these are not ‘pants’’.
A third wrote, ‘I can just walk around with underwear and it will do the job’.
And more in ridiculous fashion, don’t forget the time Nordstrom tried to sell us all fake muddy jeans for Rs. 29,000.